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THOMAS Driving is a specialist logistics division that is equipped to supply a wide variety of personnel to the logistics and distribution sectors.

We offer all our clients both temporary and permanent recruitment solutions in particular professional drivers to solve the problems and pressures caused by holidays, illness and increased workloads.

Our highly experienced driving consultants consistently recruit and provide a suitably qualified and experienced driver to solve the problems often caused by a 'static' vehicle.

By anticipating increased production and market demand, THOMAS can supply clients with proactive driving solutions which ensure the right materials get to the right place at the right time.

We understand the tight legislation and operational pressures of this sector and work through this successfully by ensuring that our team is kept up to date on all legislation and any changes that occur. We run DVLA licence and CPC checks as standard, offer Drivers Negligence insurance and have a strong partnership with accredited CPC trainers to ensure our supplied workforce is accredited and legally compliant, thus providing our clients with  peace of mind that are working with a highly professional and ethically compliant recruitment partner. This ensures that our clients will get drivers or transport personnel with the correct qualifications and experience to do the job.

As this particular sector is operational 24/7, our service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 52 weeks of the year so we can be contacted as and when your business requires.

The operational team are split in terms of their responsibilities with a clear focus on either temporary or permanent. The ‘White Collar’ permanent team recruit and deliver high calibre management personnel into logistic and supply chain transport companies across the UK.

These are some of the 'White Collar' Logistic roles we recruit for across the UK.

  • Logistics Manager

  • Transport Manager

  • Transport Supervisor

  • Transport Compliance Manager

  • Transport Planner

  • Transport Trainer

  • Supply Chain Manager

  • Supply Chain Analyst

  • Operations Manager

  • Despatch Manager

  • Warehouse Manager

  • Distribution Manager

  • Fleet Manager

Here are some of the positions we recruit for in both temporary and permanent capacity:

  • LGV Class 1

  • LGV Class 2

  • 7.5 Tonne

  • HIAB

  • Multi drop

  • Tanker

  • Shunting

  • Moffatt

  • Van

  • ADR

  • Tipper

  • Refrigerated Vehicle

  • Continental


We check all certificates, licences and CPC qualifications through our working partnership with The Licence Bureau to ensure all our drivers are well qualified. Should you need people to drive fixed routes we will do our best to supply the same driver or drivers every time, that way they gain greater knowledge of the routes and build up valuable knowledge of your customers, saving you the time and effort to get your drivers up to speed.                                         

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Driver Agency Accreditation Scheme

What is the Driver Agency Accreditation Scheme?

The scheme is a voluntary initiative which has been developed alongside driver recruitment companies and operators, and aims to recognise, encourage and promote good practice within the sector. 

What are the benefits of the accreditation for THOMAS Recruitment clients?

  • Industry recognition that THOMAS Driving is striving to achieve the highest levels of quality and compliance

  • Verification to employees and clients that you are promoting good practice

  • Reduction of corporate and operational risk

  • The highly stringent audit process will demonstrate and highlight that THOMAS operate in a highly effective and compliant manner and consistently strive to improve systems and processes

If you’re a logistics company within the UK looking for high quality logistic professionals on either a temporary or permanent basis then look no further and contact our highly experienced driving division on 01443 484333.