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Emily Thomas

Marketing Manager

  • 7
    Years of Experience
  • 25
    Satisfied Clients
  • Location Cardiff
  • Date Joined 2021
  • Team Leadership

I joined THOMAS in November 2021 and have never looked back. My first impression was that this place was going somewhere. It was evident from the moment that I walked through the doors of their Cardiff branch that these people are crazy passionate about what they do. It turns out my first impressions were accurate - and this team is both crazy and passionate!

In my interview with Jason, he painted me a picture of what he wanted to achieve as a business, and from that moment I was hooked. The main mission was to stand out and create a positive disruption in the market. At that point in my professional career, I had only worked for very corporate businesses, and I was ready for the creative freedom that was about to be unleashed.

I am a very ambitious individual who really strives for that 'wow' factor. And that is true regardless of what creatives I am providing to our team or clients - whether that be flyers, social posts, market data, or presentations I am always looking for a way to push the envelope and create something unique. And the best thing about THOMAS is that I have the freedom and support to do exactly that. 

What I am learning about what our clients need from a recruitment supplier through working with our entire team means that together we are really able to provide a unique solution. We believe that each client partner that we work with deserves a bespoke offering. And that mindset doesn't stop there. Our marketing efforts function in the same way.

Let's get to work!

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