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Emily Thomas

Marketing Manager

  • 8
    Years of Experience
  • Location Cardiff
  • Date Joined 2021
  • Team Leadership

I became part of THOMAS in November 2021, and from the outset, I knew there was something oddly different about this place. Stepping into the Cardiff branch, I was struck by the infectious passion radiating from everyone here. My initial impressions were spot on - this team is both wildly enthusiastic and deeply committed. I hadn't quite experienced anything like it in my career - yet!

During my interview with Jason, he vividly illustrated his vision for the company, and I was immediately captivated. The overarching goal was clear: to make a distinct mark and drive positive change into the market. Having primarily worked in corporate settings before, I was eager for the liberating creative latitude that awaited me.

Driven by an unwavering ambition, I constantly seek to evoke that 'wow' response. Whether crafting literature, social media content, market analyses, presentations, etc., I relentlessly pursue avenues to innovate and deliver something truly distinctive. At THOMAS, I'm fortunate to have the autonomy and backing to pursue precisely that.

My immersion in understanding our client's recruitment needs alongside our dynamic team empowers us to offer tailored solutions. We firmly believe in providing each client partner with a bespoke experience, a philosophy that extends seamlessly into our marketing endeavours.

What can you expect when you work with THOMAS Recruitment Group's Marketing team?

  1.  Your brand will be represented as an 'Employer of Choice' in the market, shaping how your company is perceived by potential candidates across the job search spectrum.
  2. Accurate and relevant Market Data is delivered to you on a bespoke basis ensuring that all decisions to support your business are informed and supported by data.
  3. With our innovative approach, we will expand your brand reach with the option for custom microsites and dual-branded content which are dedicated to showcasing your company culture, values and career opportunities.
  4. Gone are the days of a one-size-fits-all recruitment advertising approach. We will create and manage custom advertising and attraction methods that are tailored to specific demographics and job markets.
  5. And lastly, regular communication and collaboration with us means that your recruitment strategies remain aligned with your organisation's goals. One way that we do this is through monthly marketing insights and continuous improvement efforts.

Wondering what a Partnership could look like with us?

Well, it might involve designing and implementing a dual-branded space for meetings or inductions, ensuring candidates feel integrated throughout their journey with us. This space, affectionately dubbed 'The Presidential Lounge' by our partners at Halfords, embodies not only our collaborative spirit but also our unwavering commitment to excellence in recruitment.


Think that we might be a good fit for your business? 

Feel free to contact me!

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