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Our approach to our business relationships is simple: long-term partnerships.

From inception, we have been devoted to becoming ‘The Right Choice in Recruitment’ and our world has revolved around what we believe are the three most important factors of our business, so much so, we built our whole logo around them.

  • Clients
  • Candidates
  • Consultancy
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We provide solutions to your recruitment needs

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The THOMAS brand is renowned for our strategic solutions-based approach to both temporary and permanent recruitment, with a variety of highly unique models being developed and delivered to our partners each day, underpinned by innovation, transparency, and brand protection.

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The 'WOW' Factor

We retain our clients by delivering on our core values every day

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Uniquely, our team of experts are solely focused on service delivery to our partners, meaning that 100% of their time is dedicated to ensuring we create the highest level of attraction for your roles, further enhancing retention, stability, and productivity.

And we retain them by delivering on our core values every day:

  • Right First Time
  • First Class Service
  • Do Whatever It Takes
  • The 'WOW' Factor

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We provide solutions to your recruitment needs

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