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Rachel Thomas

Operations Director

  • 12
    Years of Experience
  • 62
    Satisfied Clients
  • Location Cardiff
  • Date Joined January 2011
  • Team Directors

I have been living and breathing the THOMAS culture, standards, and delivery for over 12 years, and what a journey it has been!

Starting as a tea & coffee maker back in 2011, I was fixated on carving out an ambitious career path for myself. So much so, that I used to change my job title on my signature and email Jason purposely, to hopefully entice him to give me the next promotion I wanted – it never worked.

Being so determined to succeed and prove myself, I ensured that I consistently delivered excellence to my clients and candidates without exception, which supported me as I developed through the ranks from Recruitment Exec to Group Operations Director and every title in between, focused on becoming the market leader for clients throughout the UK.

Creating a proven track record up to this point has been nothing short of amazing with some brilliant success stories to show for it. 

My team will always be my proudest success story. A lot of them joined with no recruitment experience and I was super passionate about (fanatically) teaching them the THOMAS Standards, watching them flourish and achieve results and goals that they never thought were possible.

In 2022, I set a record within the company, winning our first billion-pound client with the help of our talented presentation team. Our win was awarded to our tangible passion, innovative presentation, and fresh-to-market recruitment model.

The future of THOMAS’ success to £50 million and beyond will be based on three things: People, Culture & Innovation.

I’m a high-energy, positive person so ensuring that THOMAS can offer the most inclusive, driven, and celebratory culture has always been paramount to me. Our positivity is infectious, and our team spirit is unmatched by creating a thriving culture for success that extends to the service our clients and candidates receive.

People truly are at the heart of our business. I have had the pleasure of recruiting nearly all the #teamTHOMAS members, facilitating their careers, driving them to achieve their goals, and most importantly, recognising them for their achievements.

Innovation is an exciting topic for THOMAS as we see no boundaries. Coupled with a team who excel in their specialist fields, whether it's operations, marketing, compliance, talent, or payroll, we produce one-of-a-kind recruitment models for our partners, delivering them to a 1st class standard and proving that we’re not all the same. Almost all our key clients have a different model to each other, curated specifically for their business.

There is no doubt that THOMAS will WOW you.

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