The Proof is in the Placement

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The THOMAS Recruitment Group are recruitment specialist within the manufacturing industry. ...

The THOMAS Recruitment Group are recruitment specialist within the manufacturing industry. Over the last 15+ years, we have developed First Class relationships with our clients across the UK who have turned to us to remove their recruitment headaches, big or small.

During the early years, after great success and tangible results, our clients started to lean on us as their Talent Finding Experts to fulfill ‘white-collar’ roles within their business. After a handful of successful placements, we quickly realised that there was no doubt we could produce quality long-term recruitment solutions for our clients, shortly after THOMAS Professional was born.

Since creating THOMAS Professional in 2009, it’s been clear to see that clients were having the same repeat frustrations when outsourcing their permanent recruitment and there was a need in the market for an honest, consultative recruitment partner whom clients can trust.

One of the biggest frustrations our clients used to face was receiving a huge amount of CVs in response to a vacancy via an agency and then having to take time out of their day to essentially short-list suitable candidates.

Interestingly, most companies will on average receive six CVs for every vacancy they give to a recruitment agency.

We know that time is precious and therefore, ‘Quality over Quantity’ is our simple yet very effective motto. Our statistics show that for every vacancy we receive, 10 CVs are sent and a whopping 82% of those CVs make it to the offer stage – awesome right?

Now, what we do isn’t complicated, and we haven’t reinvented the wheel in order to produce this success. Would you like to know what our secret is?

It’s very simple, the key ingredient is building strong partnerships coupled with getting under the skin of your business.

From experience, we understand that trust plays a vital part in the recruitment process, and therefore, by taking valuable time spent on-site and meeting the team that we will be recruiting into, our clients have total peace of mind that they are in safe hands.

Gaining understanding is crucial and by doing this, we provide a genuine consultative approach to your business, after all, it’s in our job titles. Sometimes, this means having an open and honest conversation with our clients.

Now, being a Talent Finding Expert isn’t always plain sailing, we often have roles that may be confidential and cannot be advertised, or perhaps a unique skill is required. Placing an advert online or having a database of 30,000+ candidates are great starting points however, there are various other successful methods we use in hunting for the exceptional candidate you’ve been looking for and honestly, there really are no lengths we won’t go to secure them for you – let’s be honest, we are here to impress you.

THOMAS Professional is built on honest, quality, and consistent service to our long-standing client base. If you’re interested in seeing what we could offer your business, get in touch with us!